The One World Collective

We are a global not for profit focused on co-creating a healthier and happier world in a positive and empowering way!

“We are enabling and empowering people to live a life that brings about a healthier and happier world.”

Founder, Katie Johnston

So, where does the name “The One World Collective” come from? Well we believe at our most fundamental level we are all connected and are one. We believe it is so important to collect together under this realisation and re-learn to live a life that supports and cares for this world.

Our Values

◾Inclusivity – we believe that by working as one, with each other and our world, we can flourish.
◾Diversity – we understand that everyone’s differences are unique keys that can unlock the same lock.
◾Empowerment – we believe everyone is capable and able to make positive change, however great.
◾Solutions-Focused – by looking at solutions, instead of problems, we believe we can be more creative, flexible, tolerant and effective.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which individuals and communities, around the globe, are actively participating in the harmonious co-creation of positive change for the happiness, health, and wellness of all living systems.

Our History

The One World Collective started as an informal community group in May 2013. It was intended to act as a platform for like-minded people to connect and share their knowledge, skills and interests with each other. The One World Collective was started with the hope of inspiring people to make positive changes in their lives, positive changes that would bring about a happier and healthier world. Initially workshops, events and activities were hosted by the Founder, Katie Johnston.

This group is now called The One World Collective Brisbane Hub. There are many members who are actively engaged in sharing their knowledge, skills, and interests by hosting and/or attending workshops, events and other activities, and we encourage anyone to start a Hub!

Where are we going?

Today, we continue to partner with other organisations and individuals to develop projects aimed at enabling and empowering groups all around the world. Our projects aim to help individuals live in a way that promotes the health and happiness of their local communities. We work with communities to identify their members’ skills, resources and potential so we can co-create long-term, self-sustainable and asset-based projects. We are having more and more people and organisations wanting to partner with us to work towards enabling and empowering their local communities to create positive change. We encourage interested people to contact us, or check out our projects to see what we have been up to.

So, to get involved in creating a project, to have us join you on your current project, or to join or start a Hub contact us.

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